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A curated list of websites, selected by reference librarians, to help you find the best information on Nebraska-related topics, including living and working in the state, researching Nebraska government, history and genealogy, planning a Nebraska visit or exploring the state, finding services, entertainment, and education, and so much more.

NebraskAccess also provides Nebraska residents with premium databases containing thousands of full text popular magazine and journal articles; primary source documents; genealogical, health, legal, small business, and science resources; reading recommendations; and research resources for K-12 students. These resources are available to Nebraska residents at no cost. The Nebraska Library Commission purchases subscriptions for Nebraskans with funding from the State of Nebraska and the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Arts / Music / Theater
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Biography / Genealogy / People
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Books and Writing
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Business / Consumer / Economics
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Education and Learning
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Entertainment / Recreation / Sports
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Government / Election / Laws
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Health and Wellness
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History / Society / Social Issues
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Nebraska Information
(regional information, student reports)
Nebraska FAQs
(criminal records, legal age, state employee salaries)
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Ready Reference / Quick Facts
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Science / Nature
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