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Websites Selected by Librarians
  • A More Perfect Union This exhibit explores this period when racial prejudice and fear upset the delicate balance between the rights of the citizen and the power of the state. It discusses Japanese immigration to the United States, the relocation of Japanese Americans to camps during World War II, their loyalty and military service, and their post-war struggle for justice
  • Aboriginal Studies from the WWW Virtual Library
  • African American and African Studies supported by the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania
  • African American Registry Chronological narratives of black American historic achievements in education, sports, the arts, literature, and other areas of endeavor
  • African Ceremonies Photographs of Sacred Rituals in Tribal Cultures
  • AfroCubaWeb introduces different aspects of the African cultures of Cuba, such as music, art, theater, festivals, poets, and authors. There is a list of conferences and organizations that teach workshops and classes on African cultures of Cuba
  • Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library a useful access tool to scholarly resources and information regarding Asian Studies
  • Avalon Project African-Americans - Biography, Autobiography and History from the Yale Law School
  • Becoming American: The Chinese Experience a Bill Moyers Special from PBS
  • Beginning Library Research on African American Studies This research site provides a reference guide on the historical and contemporary experiences of African Americans. It was composed by Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Services and contains numerous subject categories, including race/identity, press, literature, and history. It lists African American Studies Encyclopedias and Handbooks, biographical sources, book annotations, videos, and links to other related sites. It is an excellent place to start for those conducting research in the field of African American Studies
  • Black/African Related Resources (Art McGee's List) this site is a selected list of relevant links to information relating to or concerning Black and African people, culture, diaspora, and issues
  • Hispanic Resources
  • History of CORE Congress of Racial Equality
  • Kamat's Potpourri hodge-podge of Indian history, arts, and culture
  • Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) LANIC has both a country directory and a subject directory
  • National Latino Communications Center
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center wants to educate the public about the legacy of the Underground Railroad and its historic struggle to abolish human enslavement
  • RACE - The Power of an Illusion Background documents cover topics such as genetics, evolution, slavery, nineteenth century race science, immigration, and racial classification
  • Scotland against Racism
  • Seneca Village Seneca Village was Manhattan's first significant community of African American property owners.
  • Tartan Finder