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Where can I find information about Free Land in Nebraska?

Websites Selected by Librarians
Compiled with information provided by the Department of Economic Development
  • Central City Several lots still available in September 2011. Those building homes must build a home with a minimum of $100,000 taxable value. Contact Miles McGinnis, City Administrator, 308-946-3806
  • Curtis (Program 1) Ed Cole Consolidated Telephone - 800-742-7464, (build single family house) (Program 2) Doug Schultz , City Manager, 308-367-4122 (build house overlooking Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course)(as of September 2011)
  • Douglas Village lots available if at least a 1,200-square-foot house is built within one year. Builder must live in it for five years and provide the village with a line of credit. Interested people can contact the village board at 402-799-2029 and request an information packet. email PO Box 67, Douglas NE 68344-0067. (as of May 2012)
  • Elwood Residential lots for new home construction, stick built, attached double car garage, subject to covenants. Contact Todd Wilson, Village Attorney 308-785-2550. (as of September 2011)
  • Kenesaw Residential lots for new home construction. Lots still available as of September 2011. Contact Mark Keiser, President Adams County Bank, 401 North Smith Avenue, Kenesaw, NE 68956, 402-752-3235.
  • Loup City Residential lots in a new subdivision as of June 2005. Contact Wesley Liethoff, Sherman County Development Board, 308-750-3133.
The original homestead act, passed in 1904, no longer offers free land in Nebraska. The last "Kincaid Act" homestead was in the 1940's.