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The following login options are available to Nebraska residents wishing to access the NebraskAccess database resources.  To see a complete list of databases go to "Databases Available to Nebraskans" (link at top of right sidebar).

NebraskAccess Password

Nebraska residents may request a single NebraskAccess Password from their public, academic, or K12 school library.  This password can be used to login to any of the NebraskAccess databases from the “Databases Available to Nebraskans” page. Login is typically required when a user is not in the library or school.   To maintain security NebraskAccess Passwords will be changed two times a year, on October 1 and April 1.

Nebraska Driver's License or State Identification Number

Nebraska residents may also login to NebraskAccess databases using a Nebraska Driver's License or State Identification Number.  Driver's license numbers will only be used to verify that the person logging in is a Nebraska resident; they will not be retained for personal identification purposes, nor will they be used to track individuals' usage of the resources.   If you experience problems logging in with your Nebraska Driver's License or State Identification Number, here are a few tips: Make sure you entered all letters and numbers. Make sure you didn't include any spaces. Make sure you didn't mix up the letter O with the number 0. Case doesn't matter; you can enter either uppercase or lowercase letters.

IP access from computers at your library or K12 school

If you are using a computer at your library or K12 school, you may be able to login to NebraskAccess databases automatically.  This authentication method will only work if your library/school has static IP addresses, and your library/school static IP addresses are on file with NebraskAccess.   If IP access is working, you should be able to click on one of the links listed under Databases Available to Nebraskans  and go directly into the databases without being prompted for usernames and passwords.  If you get prompted for a username/password contact your librarian or medical specialist for your NebraskAccess password.