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Tips for Searching the Nebraskaccess Site

Basic Search Tips: Short search terms are usually the most effective--1 to 3 words is best. Long searches generally do not produce good results--especially if they contain non-essential words. All words in your search string will be ANDed together, so each additional word reduces the number of matched documents. If your search is unsuccessful, try using fewer words and only key words.


    Bad:       Information about the history of  Nebraska
    Better:    Nebraska history

Many powerful features are available which allow you to construct more precise and effective queries. See the Search Features Summary section below for details.

Search Features Summary

Use the asterisk (*) for truncation. Example:   new*   matches   new   as well as newsletters, newspapers, etc.
Word stemming is also supported.  Example: sink** will match sink, sinking, sank, and sunk
Case Sensitivity: Case is ignored.  Exception:  AND, OR, NOT, NEAR are treated as Boolean operators only if capitalized.
Boolean Searching: All search terms are treated as Boolean strings unless enclosed in quotes. NEAR is the default operator  (AND, OR, and NOT are also supported).  The words AND, OR, NOT and NEAR are only treated as Boolean operators if you capitalize them; otherwise they are treated as stop words.
Grouping: Grouping terms is NOT supported--parentheses are ignored. However, an implicit grouping of any ANDed terms always occurs.
Phrases: To find exact matches for a multi-word term, enclose it in quotes. For example, "library near omaha" will search for documents containing that exact phrase rather than the Boolean search:  library NEAR Omaha
Stop Words: The following words are ignored, unless the search is enclosed in quotes: about, after, all, also, an, another, any, are, as, at, be, because, been, before, being, between, both, but, by, came, can, come, could, did, do, each, fact, facts, for, from, get, got, has, had, he, have, her, here, him, himself, his, how, if, in, into, is, it, like, make, many, me, might, more, most, much, must, my, never, now, of, on, only, other, our, out, over, said, same, see, should, since, some, still, such, take, than, that, the, their, them, then, there, these, they, this, those, through, to, too, under, up, use, very, was, way, we, well, were, what, where, which, while, who, with, would, you, your
Word Length: Single characters, including single-digit numbers, will be ignored.


Troubleshooting Search Problems

Check  spelling
Use fewer search words - one or two key words is usually best.

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